10 Upgrades for your vehicle – Why Front-end Bra

Must have Accessories to Personalize your Car

10 Upgrades for your vehicle

Do you want your car to look unique and exclusive? Is it possible to reflect your personality with cars? By using tools for customization such as accessories, completely different look can be given to a car. Door seal can be created out of vibrant red. For the seat cover, some exclusive colors like aqua or pink can be chosen. Through authorized stores, all these accessories can be obtained quite easily.

If you spend more time in your car every day, then you may like to accessorize it per your requirement.

For women, requirement from a car is pretty different from men. Through different kinds of products, driving experience can be enhanced. However, it may be difficult to know where you can start from. Diverse things can be tried to personalize a car. Comfortable journey can be ensured with these car accessories.

In case you have a considerable amount of budget then you can install hi-tech equipment. Complete paint job on the car can be done too. Due to lack of budget, personalization can be ensured with little things also. Following accessories can be tried for an excellent result.

Window Tints

Window Tinting not only looks good. It gives you a sense of privacy. Although some cops may not fancy your new look especially at night see http://www.windowtintingfinder.com/chicago/ . Window films is a common accessory. A good place to find a tint professional is windowtintingfinder.com

Antenna Toppers

By adding antenna toppers in the car, an adorable look of the car can be developed. In this way, you may able to showcase the world your likes and interests easily. Fun can be started with the different shaped artifacts. From lovely Disney characters to dog heads in bright girly colors can be tried for better effect. Packs of antenna toppers can be bought at a time. Later on, you can change it according to your mood and occasions.

Front-end Bra

Trust me it is not what you think. It is simply a stretchy vinyl that covers the front bumper, hood of your car to prevent scratches from flying debris while driving or parked, See Front-end bra See a full discussion on reddit Why front-end bra.

Bumper Stickers

To make a statement with the car, bumper stickers can be used. Funny slogan can be added to the sticker to display your side. Something can be supported ardently with the stickers too.

If you are a girl, then it may not be possible to find a better color than pink.

License Plate

Personalization of the license plate can be done too. Clever ideas can be highlighted through the license plate. By buying a license plate in solid colors, you may able to design and paint it in future. Floral design can be made on the license plate nicely to mesmerize the world with your creativity.

Air Freshener

Bad odor of the car may be a turn off. Girl always like to smell good. Therefore, it is only natural that they want their car to smell excellent also. For the air freshener, unique shape can be tried to entertain.

Floor mats and Seat Covers

Friendlier look of the car can be ensured certainly with lovely seat covers. Either animal prints or cute designs can be tried with the floor mats and seat covers.

Stuffed animals

For women, it is nothing better than a stuffed animal. Therefore, back window or the dash boards can be filled with small and beautiful soft toys.

USB Charger

Battery of the phone may never die if you have an USB charger in the car. Connection with friends and family can be maintained constantly thus.


Navigation app can be installed in the car to avoid hassle in the road. Location can be reached on time as a result. Chances of losing way may not be seen at all.

How to Clean Tough Stains from carpets

Cleaning Taough Stains

Stains. They come in all varieties. In all colors. In all shapes.

At home, the carpet takes the brunt of children’s tantrums, elder’s carelessness and much more. A slipped coffee mug results in stains which if removed immediately can save later pain. What about the ketchup or tomato sauce the little one dropped when squirting it out of that new design bottle?

Most stains at home are handled using vinegar and baking soda. Some stains are easy to remove and when dealt with immediately leave no trace. But if left to dry out, they may leave impressions.

Some advices are general and hold true for every type of stain. Like, when removing a stain, blot the spot and work from the outside in. Rinse the spot with running water and blot again. Do not scrub the carpet as it will damage the fabric or let the spill soak into the carpet pad.

Stains vary and require different types of removal methods and materials.

Here are some water-soluble stains –

Ice-cream, ink, colas, jelly, milk, mud, food dyes, berries, excrement and alcoholic beverages. Stains of these can be cleaned using a solution made of 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar mixed with 32 ounces of water.

Wax, oil and fat are removed using a paper towel and iron. Place the paper towel on the stained carpet and iron on warm setting. The wax or fat or oil will get soaked into the towel.

What about glue, nail polish, etc?

Glue comes off with a moist cotton ball or soft cloth soaked in alcohol when pressed on the affected area. Once the glue residue is completely moistened gently wipe it off and repeat until the stain is gone.

Nail polish stains are removed using a nail polish remover-soaked rag or cloth.

Babies may urinate on the carpet. It could be your pet. Urine stains are best soaked with a white cloth and then blotted with a damp cloth. Spray with a solution of one part white vinegar to one part water. Finally, clean with a solution of ½ tsp of clear, mild detergent and water, rinse and blot dry. For a dog’s urine, try something like No-Go.

Special Water-Soluble Stains

These stains are a little different from the above. They too are water soluble but simple vinegar and water may not do the trick. Ammonia mixed in water – 1 tablespoon in 1 cup might work but not on wool-blend carpet. Depending on the toughness of the stain use one part chlorine bleach to five parts water on solution-dyed carpet. Using bleach may harm the fabric of a carpet and to be sure ask the manufacturer to find out what type of carpet you have.

Cigarette burns can be removed by gently rubbing the ends with the blunt side of a knife. These are DIY solutions that we can try using stuffs that usually lie around the house.